Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development

However complex your business needs are, we will create together the perfect mobile app!

Custom Mobile Application Development Services

With over 50 successful custom mobile app development projects successfully completed, no challenge is too big for ZYNK.  Do you need a classy and effective custom mobile application? To get it, all you need is to leverage our depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. While doing so, work either hand in hand with us or let ZYNK do the entire project.

In short, our mobile applications cover diverse industries and areas of application. Besides, we master wishlist management and sharing, smart parking, customer loyalty, and messaging. Add to these 20 more and you will understand how versatile we are.

App Development

Custom mobile app development services from ZYNK.

Take advantage of our broad experience in developing custom mobile apps for nearly every industry and any feature you might think of. From the drawing board to launch and support, you have it all covered.

Mobile UI/UX Design

UI/UX design services for mobile apps from ZYNK software.

Drive customer retention with an attractive mobile app. Our custom UX/UI designs will increase your conversions and revenues. We will help you find what your audience wants and then engage it with our designs.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile strategy services from ZYNK.

With our experienced consultants in mobile strategy, you can quickly find solutions to your business problems. Focus on your core processes and let our experts shape your mobile presence and apps.

Types of Custom Mobile Apps We Delivered​

Financial applications


Location - Based




Custom Mobile App Development Projects

Custom mobile apps covering diverse industries and areas of application is what clients trust us with. For example, we have implemented solutions for wishlist management, smart parking, and messaging. Above all, our versatility is what makes ZYNK your ideal partner for custom mobile app development.

Fitness activity booking

This is a solution that returns the best search results for online and offline fitness activities. In simple terms, the mobile application uses an optimized search engine to help the user find the desired information. Besides, it allows the users to book and pay for activities. and synchronize the bookings with the calendar.

Gift buying platform

A social platform used for gift recommendations and ideas. It features gift registry creation and saving for different special occasions. Thus, the application saves favorite gifts from across social media or different online shops, and keeps track of gifts for every special occasion, making sure you always give the right gift.

Movie streaming apps

Apps for providing a fully accessible cinema experience for visually impaired and hearing impaired, as well as a foreign language subtitles and audio versions for an international audience. Among the main features of the solution are movie identification and matching against the fingerprint database.

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Why ZYNK for Custom Mobile App Development

It is fair to have our clients speak for us. Thus, please check our testimonials to learn about their collaboration with ZYNK.  Our clients appreciate our reliability, warmth, and quickness in response. Furthermore,  they are impressed by our proactivity, openness, and flexibility.
Experience in custom mobile app development.


Building a portfolio of over 50 complex mobile applications greatly expanded our breadth and depth of expertise. Thus, we learned the needs and pains of a variety of industries and areas of applications. Consequently, we have been building valuable business and technical know-how. In addition, we learned how to adjust to different cultures and time zones.


To create a top quality your custom mobile app you need a team of specialists driven by unequal passion and dedication. For example, people like those of which ZYNK has never been short of. For them, leaving any stone unturned before reaching perfection is inconceivable. They will spend all the time it takes to meet your standards of quality.


According to a study by Security Magazine, 63% of mobile apps have security vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, apps for baking rank third in the list, 88% of them having vulnerabilities. More importantly, 98% of the apps analyzed included open-source software. Let ZYNK worry about all these and prevent the security glitches in your app.

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Send us a brief description of your needs. Shortly after, our experts will get back to you with suggested approaches for cooperation or times for a call.

FAQ on Mobile App Development

A mobile application is a piece of software written for a smartphone or another type of wireless hand-held device. In short, the device uses a mobile app to do specific things for its user, like chatting, managing emails, or a contact list.

Mobile application development is the process of writing software applications for wireless devices like smartphones and other hand-held devices. 

Mobile application development supports the progress of the mobile ecosystem. Consequently, it helps businesses increase reach and sales and provide value to their customers. Furthermore, it enables organizations to connect with prospects and clients and provide innovative services, In addition, it largely contributes to making processes more efficient.

The latest trends in mobile apps include wearable devices, connected smart devices and many others. For example, IoT, m-commerce, and motion and location sensing are already mainstream solutions. Likewise, enterprise mobile management, mobile health, and mobile wallets have made a strong statement in the market.

FAQ on Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile app development is the process of writing a unique mobile application. In short, it is based on the specific, unique requirements compiled by you or by a consultant paid by you.

Depending on the type and size of the application, building a custom mobile app can cost from as little as 20,000 dollars to millions of dollars. For example, a basic, single-platform mobile app costs anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. On the other hand, a complex single-platform app costs over $100,000.

If you are a computer programmer and have the required skills and experience to develop your own mobile app, you can do it by yourself. Otherwise, you must hire a software company to develop it for you.