VR/AR Development

VR/AR Development

Make a step further into the future with us.

VR/AR Development

As a company driven by the love for innovation we decided to make a step into the VR/AR domain since we strongly believe that the current platforms that are available on the market have the potential of taking ideas and user experiences to another level.

Creating a VR/AR application is a process that require a thorough analysis step since there are a lot of factors that can contribute to the success or to the failure of the project.

Fortunately, the experience gained by our company from working on several VR/AR projects can help our clients in taking the best decisions into this journey starting from the idea to the final product.

What can we do for you


Validating idea, choosing the platform that suits the best and prototyping.


Bringing the idea to life using processes and standards that are ment to deliver high quality products.


Making sure the that product meets the required standards and it is ready to go live.


Tracking project's lifeline, delivering constant updates and fixes when necessary.



Being one of the best game development engines available on the market, Unity 3D was our choice for developing most of our VR experiences. Even if Unity is well known in the game development industry, it can be used to create experiences in domains like healthcare, education, architecture, interior design, etc.

Being able to support development for multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, console, etc.) Unity can drastically simplify the process, decrease duration and the costs of creating an application by the means of using cross-platform code in a single project.



The cardboard represents one of the low end platforms on the market. Depending on the requirements of your project, if you are targeting a large amount of users Google Cardboard can be the perfect solution since it is affordable by most of the users and it can provide a pretty decent experience in the virtual reality world.

One of the most representative devices between the mid range platforms is probably the Samsung Gear VR. Providing hardware components ment to make computations that a low end device can not perform, Samsung Gear VR takes a step further in making the virtual experiences more immersive for its users.

A platform that developed a lot during the last few years now provides a wide range of options for its clients like standalone devices (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest) or PC-powerd devices (Oculus Rift S). Create your applications by taking advantage of high resolution graphics and body tracking in order to offer your users the best of what VR world has to offer.

The constant hardware updates and custom accesories like vive trackers provided by the HTC Vive during time kept this platform in the top tier in straight competition with Oculus. Designed for room-scale setup HTC Vive is another perfect option if you want to offer the best experiences for your users.

Projects we worked for


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Virtual reality application



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